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78 Campbell Parade,
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Frequently asked questions & requests.

We are based in Bondi but train out of 2 different locations:

1. The Well, Gym & Wellness Centre on Campbell Parade looking out onto Bondi Beach!

2. Easts Rugby Club, O’Sullivan Rd, Rose Bay

You do not need a gym membership to train with us, but if you do not have one you will need to pay a drop in fee for each session of $20. If you plan on doing more than one session per week, it's better to get a membership at $35 per week. This way you can also use the gym whenever you want outside of our sessions as well.

If you want to train with us down at Easts Rugby Club, on O’Sullivan Rd, there is no gym fee’s, but you can only train there with us during our sessions.

We can arrange mobile sessions depending on time and location, although these are charged at a premium rate, especially at peak times. We are very busy and can’t guarantee we can accommodate peak hour times. We strongly suggest coming to see us at one of our training locations.

In Bondi there is a lot of parking, but it usually costs money, the beach carpark opposite is the most convenient, but it gets very busy on Sat and Sun mornings. Outside of that, there are normally parks available.

There is also a car park under harris farm on Hall St, which has an hour's free parking, so if you have some shopping to do you can train and then get your groceries all at a pretty convenient price.

For 2-hour parking you'll need to look at some of the backstreets between Bondi rd and Campbell Parade for 2-hour free parking slots, 5 min walk to the gym from those.

For Easts Rugby Club there is heaps of free parking onsite and on O’Sullivan Rd

We have a 24hr cancellation policy, if you can’t make your session and you fail to notify us before 5pm the previous day, your session will be deducted from your session pack. We are incredibly busy and slots are hard to come by so please don’t waste our time or yours!

There are no refunds available on session packs, that is why we always suggest doing a couple of sessions first, to see if we are the right fit for you, before committing to a block of sessions. We are incredibly confident that we can give you the right blend of movement, health and performance coaching to get you to your goals. This won’t happen though, without your commitment to full training blocks and believing and trusting in the process.

If you are unsure of your technique or struggling with chronic injuries we definitely suggest starting with PT. Our goal is to build you up not break you down and we’d rather get your technique and strength foundations to a good place, so you can handle the squad program and get the most out of it.

No definitely not, although the program is structured in a way that you can if need be. We have a clear separation between our Strength & Conditioning sessions, so that they can be trained back to back if need be. If you completed 2 Strength and 1 or 2 conditioning sessions in a week, you would still see great results from that amount of training if you were consistent week to week.

At Strength in Motion we work across clients with all of our team as much as possible. All of our team are highly trained and have an excellent eye for detail. Working with multiple team members towards a common goal gives our clients the benefit of multiple sets of eyes assessing and correcting at all times. It also helps us create a team environment and better rapport with all of our clients and coaches.