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Focus Program.

Personalised 1:1 sessions to unlock your strongest, fittest self – for life.
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Feel like your body’s letting you down?

Have previous training programs left you injured or in pain? Our method is a little different.

We’re all about efficient movement, excellent strength technique, and quality programming that allows you to work hard, adapt, and recover. We’ll build you up, not break you down.

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Squad Group Training

Unlock your roadmap to lifelong health, resilience & vitality.

Our approach combines Movement, Health and Performance coaching services to help you deeply understand your body and lifestyle. Because that’s how you build sustainable strength for a healthy, active life.

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Corporate Training

Reclaim your health. rebuild your body.

With 1:1 FOCUS personal training in Bondi, you can:

  • Move with ease, increase strength and restore confidence in your body
  • Finally experience the real results that eluded you with traditional strength training
  • Stop feeling like an active person trapped in an injured person’s body
  • Stay in shape as you age – and get fitter than you were 5, 10, or even 20 years ago
  • Learn excellent technique so you can get stronger and more resilient – now and in the future
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How will you set your new standard?

Movement Coaching

Bust through restrictions and rediscover pain-free movement.

Strength & Conditioning

Bulletproof your body while boosting strength, power, speed and stamina.

Sports Performance

Raise the bar of your athletic performance.

Rehab & injury management

Discover corrective exercise strategies to heal & safeguard against injuries.

Health Coaching

Fix your nutrition, sleep and mindset to support your peak performance.





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