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Customised corporate programs, designed to invigorate and connect the modern hybrid workplace.
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Business leaders are facing some tough questions.

In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve forever changed the way we work and what we value. Health is the ultimate wealth, and work is no longer just an exchange of time for money – but a space for employees to find purpose and connection.

You might be asking yourself:

  • How can I improve my team’s morale while also improving productivity?
  • How do we rebuild in connection and reduce isolation in the modern hybrid work environment?
  • How can I create an inclusive corporate health program that offers something for people of different ability levels and backgrounds?
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Corporate Training

Corporate health programs are no longer a luxury perk.

They’re a necessary part of a thriving modern work culture. Our customised programs work because they are:

ACCESSIBLE – Provide easy ways for teams to access and absorb information and advice.

INTERACTIVE – Include fun challenges and team-building activities, which accelerate learning and promote communication.

ENGAGING – Hold attention, keeping members accountable to themselves and colleagues.

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Corporate Fitness Sydney

Let’s build a team full of purpose & productivity.

This is how we do it.

  • Analyse physical, behavioural and environmental factors affecting the health and performance of your team.
  • Introduce a proactive – not reactive – health culture to your team and organisation.
  • Cut through social media confusion and educate your team on sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Deliver relevant, actionable advice through personalised coaching and healthy team-building initiatives.

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Customisable programs for your workplace.

Our programs work independently or together.

Insight 365

Year-round access to our corporate health coaching service and platform. A combination of themed health lessons alongside mini-team challenges to improve participation and engagement and enhance the learning process.

365 Features:

  • Full SIM app access, with workouts, classes and health lesson content
  • On-site presentations, workshops and training sessions
  • Health & fitness challenge initiatives for every fitness level
  • Network of Industry leading health & wellness experts
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Insight Kickstart

Health-focused team-building initiatives that bring your entire company together in a fun and engaging challenge environment. Kickstart changes the conversation and allows staff and management to communicate freely about something other than work, improving trust and working relationships.

Kickstart Features:

  • Customizable challenges suitable for all health & fitness levels
  • Team based challenges that build competitive spirit
  • Optimised to educate and inspire healthy habit implementation
  • Suitable anywhere - delivered remotely via 365 platform
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Insight Leader

A fully focused and individualised executive wellness program, for key leadership figures within your organisation. Includes personal health and fitness programming online, as well as face-to-face movement, health and performance coaching sessions.

Leader Features:

  • Personalised program delivered via SIM app
  • Personal health and fitness coach
  • Challenge initiative that builds competitive spirit
  • Access to a network of world-class health professionals
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