Work with us, wherever you are! Highly effective workouts, training programs and health coaching advice, all via the SIM App.
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Build strength, move with confidence and reclaim your healthiest, most athletic self.

We developed the SIM app to support our community to get fit, strong, mobile and athletic, wherever they are.

Our online programs and workout library, will help you to:

  • Develop strength & power
  • Move with confidence
  • Overcome injuries
  • Build muscle, burn fat
  • Enhance athleticism
  • Rebuild your routine
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How it works

There are 4 main ways to utilise the SIM app, depending on the level of focus you require:


$29.99 /mo

The studio plan gives you the flexibility to manage your own training schedule, and choose from any of our classes and workouts on offer. Whether youre at the gym, at home or on the move, we have a workout or class to suit your mood!

  • Classes for every ability level
  • SIM coaches & guest presenters
  • Gym based & home based workouts
  • Mobility & movement classes
  • Strength & conditioning classes
  • Yoga, pilates, boxing, breathwork & more!
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$39.99 / mo

A structured movement, strength & conditioning program, designed to build you up, not break you down. The Squad program is what we are doing in the studio right now! You’ll be working along with us to build your strength, fitness and athleticism.

  • 3 x Strength workouts per week
  • 3 x Conditioning workouts per week
  • 2 levels available for each workout
  • Program updates every 6 weeks
  • Workouts scheduled in your calendar
  • Speak to a coach directly through app
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$59.00 / mo

The structure of the Squad program, along with the flexibility of Studio gives you the best of both worlds. Get structured progressive overload, or go freestyle whenever you want to mix things up!

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Personalized program and our team will build you something from scratch. For extra impact we suggest adding some PT & Health coaching sessions for maximum results.

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